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VINTAGE HEART - class at Kara Bullock Art Online

I'm excited to share that my first online art class VINTAGE HEART is open for registration at Kara Bullock Art Online.  In this class I share my passion for creating art inspired by vintage images, especially those from my own family photos and albums.  The people and faces captured in those moments in time are always intriguing to me.  I find that bringing these images to life through the artmaking process is a very special way to connect with my heritage and those who have gone before.

Today, I would like to tell you a little about one of the pieces I created for this class.   "Fading Together" is a painting of my mother with her best friend on a sunny day in the 1930s.  It unfolded over many layers and in class you see it emerge every step of the way.

"Fading Together", 16x20" Acrylic on Canvas; Vintage Heart - online art class
"Fading Together", 16x20", Acrylic on Canvas

This is a painting that has been calling to me to be painted for a very long time.  It is bittersweet to capture these woman in the beauty of their youth.  In time, both faded to shadows of their former selves.  The injustice of how for some mind and body breaks down through time and circumstance ...but I love to see them happy and vibrant on this day.  This is my tribute to them.

For me, this is the essence of VINTAGE HEART.  Honouring those who have gone before us.  Some who we may have never known yet they are in our hearts and in our bones.

If you would like to know more about the class, click the button for details!  I would love to take this journey with you...

Yours in art,

xo Ce

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  1. I have so enjoyed your Vintage Art class Ce. It has brought me so much joy. I have completed several pieces of work this past week which have exceeded my expectations. Just sorry that the Facebook group has closed and Incant share the joy with everyone!

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