let’s face it 2019

I am excited to announce that I am part of the Let’s Face It- 2019 Team!

LET’S FACE IT is an year long online art course created and hosted by Kara Bullock.  It is for anyone who wants to practice creating portraits and figurative art, but it's especially for those of you who have felt afraid or intimidated to do so. Together, we share the strategies, tips, and techniques we use to create our portraits.

I have enjoyed Let's Face It as a student and can attest to the improvement and confidence you gain from the lessons! In 2019, we will be studying a year of creating portraits in different mediums!!

This course isn't open for registration yet.  However, you can can bookmark this page and sign up to be notified first when registration opens on October 8th. 

I am thrilled to be a part of this amazing team of teachers and guess what else?!? I GET TO GIVE AWAY ONE FREE SPOT IN THE COURSE!!

To enter the give away you can do one or more of the following:

Leave  a comment to let me know how you have entered and what it is you love most about portraiture.   (Just be aware your comment won't appear immediately, but don't worry I will have received it and it will show up soon!)  

I will announce the lucky winner on September 30th.   

I can’t wait to begin this journey with each of you!!

Ce xo

66 thoughts on “let’s face it 2019”

  1. Done! Thank you for the opportunity to win a spot. I need to get busy on the Vintage Hearts class first, though! Loving your lessons.

  2. Liked and shared. Beautiful art! Thanks for the chance to win a spot, Celia! What I like most about portraiture is that you can really portray what lives inside someone, by their eyes, their expressions. I love people. Therefore I can’t stop making portraits :).

  3. I love the whole process of creating something lifelike from a blank piece of paper from studying the face, drawing it and then finishing. It just feels like magic and no other theme gives me the same feeling.

  4. I did everything you asked to enter the draw.
    I would be the happiest to win this course.
    I am a student I love to draw, but portre is not easy,
    I would like to learn how to paint or draw faces. 😍

  5. Dear Ce,
    I did everything, liked, shared, followed, subscribed, and did them with love before this possibility because I love your art.
    But I would be very happy to win a spot 🙂 painting and drawing faces are tricky so it is a wonderful possibility to learn from this very talented team.

    love and hug

  6. Now following you on Instagram. Thanks for the opportunity to win a spot and learn. I like faces because they take on a ,ice of there own, so complex and emotional.

  7. I’ve done all four.
    Portraits are my passion!
    Just love the challenges they present! LFI2018 was so inspirational
    I’m definitely going to sign up again but would love to win a spot! Thank you.

  8. Love your art! I had no idea until I signed up for my first LFI class in the end of 2017 that I would LOVE painting faces. Now I am absolutely obsessed and I can’t hardly paint anything else. Have so enjoyed LFI 2018 and would love to continue the obsession in 2019!

  9. Thanks for the opportunity! I truly “like” your Facebook page. I love portrait because they have the power to make time to seat still. It gives you the ability to capture the feeling of that moment.

  10. Hi Ce!
    Have loved your work for years. Thanks for the opportunity.

    I was already following you on IG, but I signed up for your newsletter, liked your FB page and shared your LFI post. 🙂

    What I love about art and doing art is that it can lift you out of the blackest, lowest times in your life and transport you to a much better place, a spiritual place in many ways. Art can save lives in that way.

  11. Thank you for the opportunity!!! I did all four things!! I enjoy trying to get expression and emotion in portraits – but I am not quite there yet.

  12. Hi Celia ..I did a previous post and sorry I meant to comment on portraiture..and completely forgot…..I have done several portraits in charcoal and would love to have more experience in different mediums …I really love your style in art…..I have done all 4 requests you asked for .thanks Loz

  13. Thanks for this opportunity Ce! What a wonderful year it’s going to be! What I love about portraits is the amount of emotion you’re able to convey… through the eyes, or even the tilt of the mouth.. it’s always so exciting to see what comes through xxxxx
    I’ve shared on Fb, and already follow you on all the platforms.😊

  14. I love your period portraits! I put a friend request on your FB Page and follow you on IG. Im behind but look forward to doing your lesson in FB2018 ! Thanks so much.

  15. I adore your unique style and would enjoy learning more about your process. I follow you. I think I just signed up for your newsletter.

  16. Subscribe to my newsletter.
    Follow me on Instagram
    Like my Facebook page.
    Share the Let’s Face It 2019 post on Facebook All done! Honestly, I don’t know why I like portraits so much. Your work is very appealing to me and would love to be taught by you.

  17. Hi, Ce! I liked your page and shared the LFI post. I love portraiture because, in the end, it’s people and their spirits that attract me. To be able to relate to someone else by telling a story through drawing or painting a face is a great fulfillment to me.

  18. Cee, I love the Vintage Heart class even if I am behind. I signed up for your newsletter since I already follow you on FB and Instagram! Thanks for the chance to win.

  19. Hi Ce! I am LOVING your Vintage Heart class and am really inspired by your vintage style. I would love to grow my portraiture experience with Let’s Face It 2019. I am drawn to faces (pun not intended!) and enjoy the challenge of capturing a look, an emotion, a moment in time on the page/canvas.

    I have done all 4 of the tasks – shared, followed, liked, and subscribed!

    Amy in Virginia Beach, USA

  20. You already know I am a BIG BIG fan of your beautiful art….I already follow you, BUT I missed signing up for your newsletter, so YAY!!!! I’d love to win a spot in class with you in LFI next year! I am SO SO happy for you!!! Woo Hooo!!

  21. I did all four of them :). I love painting portraits because they human face is so expressive, and can show so much emotions and subtle expressions. Want to get better in portraiture!
    Ps love your work

  22. Liked your FB page and followed you on Instagram :). Thank you for this opportunity! The thing that I am most amazed about is how much one can improve by being in a year long class like this. I’m also amazed when I stop for a few minutes and step back – the thing that was bugging me usually melts away and I can actually see the face and it looks like a face! I also love how much emotion can be conveyed through portraiture.

  23. Liked your page and am signed up for newsletter 🙂 What I love most about portraiture is the moment the face actually takes on the likeness I’m aiming for. It’s a magical moment!

  24. Thank you for the opportunity to win Faces 2019! I’m very much looking forward to participating (I did everything on your list to quality).

  25. Shared on FB , and subscriber to your newsletter and Instagram. Portraiture is something I would love to learn, brand new to all of it. Thank you for the opportunity

  26. Painting faces is what I love, it transports me into my own little world. I am following you on twitter and Facebook. Thanks for the chance to win a spot.


  27. I would love to win a spot! I liked your FB page and subscribed to newsletter but I don’t see any email confirming the newsletter. Please subscribe me!
    Anyhoo, I love your art work and hope you have an artsy day!

  28. Followed instructions. I love the point in portraiture were it suddenly starts coming together for me. It no longer looks like “yuck”, but a person. Tamara

  29. Off course I shared it on all the places!!!
    Would love to learn to make portraits in your amazing style!!❤🎨🖼🐒😂

  30. I followed all of the instructions. I have posted to Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, wordpress, and google. Excited for this class!

  31. Hi, I have completeld all the contest entry steps. Thanks for a chance to win! What I love about portraiture is the beautiful experience of creating a face and that now that face is looking back at you, as if you are creating a new friend!

  32. hi I am a imsta follower already and have joined you on facebook and liked the peofile as well as joined the newsletter!! Thanxs

  33. I liked your Facebook page. I am looking forward to this course! The thing I like about portraiture is that I can create mystery people, each of whom has an untold story.

  34. I signed up, followed, liked and shared. Thank you for the opportunity to win. Portraiture is a challenge because unlike creating landscapes you can’t just throw the parts of the face just anywhere and have it work. I think I like the precise nature of it while at the same time it challenges me to loosen up and not be so critical of what I create. That may sound weird but creating portraits has helped me to let go of my perfectionism because no matter how hard I try it is never a perfect replica of the subject. I have had to learn to accept those imperfections not just in my art but in myself as well. What I love most about portraiture is what it teaches me about myself. <3

  35. Signed up for your newsletter, I love the emotion we feel when looking at a portrait, tku for this opportunity.

  36. Ce … your art is beautiful and so unique; I look forward to learning about your style of portraiture in LFI 2019!
    My absolute favorite is creating portraits … I am deeply touched by the expressions and feelings that resonate so strongly with all of humankind …
    Thank you for this gracious opportunity; I’ve committed to all four of your entries.❤️

  37. I’m really looking forward to this! Your art is beautiful! I’ve signed up for your newsletter, followed you on IG and liked your FB page. Thanks for a chance to win a spot. 🙂

  38. Hi, I’ve signed up for your newsletter and liked you on Facebook. I’ve already shared on Instagram. Faces tell stories with every expression. Sometimes obvious, other times subtle and sometimes in a secretive way. I am looking forward to LFI 2019 as a way to learn how to better render their secrets in a focused and concentrated way. I need guidance and am excited to learn from all the wonderful artist teachers. Thanks for a chance to win.

  39. I signed up for your newsletter, Liked your FB page, and started following you on Instagram. I’ve always loved drawing/painting faces and am always looking for ways to improve my process. LF2018 has been a marvelous class and I’m looking forward to learning more next year.

  40. Thanks for the chances Ce!! I liked your FB , shared your post and subscribed to your newsletter. I can’t wait to get time to dive into Vintage Heart! It looks like such a great class. I have loved LFI these past years and am sure next year will be wonderful too. I surely have improved my skills. My favorite is doing the eyes so the person looks at you and feels more alive.

  41. I have entered! I love portraiture because there are infinite ways to paint a face! You don’t have to be perfect.
    Thanks for the opportunity to win a spot in this class. ✌🏻 Ronda

  42. Hello Celia…I signed up for the newsletter and liked your FB, shared the Let’s face it post, but unfortunately I have no Instagram. What I like about portraits is that you express emotions with it…but I would like to learn more, I feel a little stuck in drawing faces…I really need a new challenge. So I would love a free spot in this course to find out if this can make me upgrade my art. Thanks for this wonderful chance.

    1. It’s nice to have found you through Let’s Face It! I love your work. I’ve shared and subscribed and liked your FB page. And followed you on IG. I LOVE painting faces and want to learn all I can to get better at it.

  43. Thank you so much for the opportunity! Ever since I can remember, faces have always been my favorite subject to draw and paint. I’m especially attracted to eyes, as they really tell the story and reveal a person’s soul. I’ve signed up for your newsletter, liked your Instagram and Facebook page. September 30 is my birthday, so I’m seriously keeping my fingers (and toes) crossed that I am able to win a spot.

    1. Thank you so much for your response, Theresa. Oh yes, eyes!! I’m planning to make eyes a focus in my LFI lesson. Good luck in the draw. It would be a wonderful birthday present!

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